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Travel safe with Foul Elements Hotels

Dear guests!
Thank you for your loyalty and trust in the Four Elements Hotel chain during these uncertain times.
Our company closely follows daily the latest news that is happening in the world, and the statements of the world Health Organization and the government of our country regarding the coronavirus epidemic (COVID-19).
One of the main priorities of Four Elements Hotels is the safety of guests and employees, so we maintain the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene. As the situation around the epidemic continues to develop, we have taken additional measures developed in consultation with health authorities, including the CPS, who and CDC, in accordance with recommendations.
Every day, our hotels accept new recommendations in the field of health care. We regularly disinfect open surfaces: restaurant tables, reception counters, room key cards, door handles, call buttons, Elevator floors and other surfaces with antibacterial agents. We pay special attention to the quality of room cleaning after each guest, conduct daily briefings and inform employees about the latest news related to the epidemic.
We also emphasize the importance of thorough hand hygiene based on the recommendations of local health authorities, and each of our employees strictly follows them. Inspection and temperature measurement of employees are performed on a daily basis.
Cancellations and postponements of events and bookings are handled by the management of each hotel on an individual basis.
Our team members are trained to handle situations that may arise in our hotels, and we are confident in them.
All Four Elements Hotels are open and operate as usual, and we do our best to make our guests feel comfortable and safe.
Thank you again for choosing and trusting Four Elements hotels.